Changed IP and now no access to SuiteCRM / LDAP?

I have been running UCS for almost a year with few problems.
However, I changed the servers IP address from to as part of a network reconfiguration, and now any attempt to opem SuiteCRM from the portal gives these errors.

‘You have ben logged out because your session has expired’
‘Can’t contact LDAP server’

I have checked IP settings, DNS, etc and nothing works.
Any help would be useful, as I’m now out of ideas, or I’m missing something.

I can still log into the System and Domain Settings module, and everything else seems to work.

I don’t think changing the IP after install is supported. I remember other threads on this forum in the past. I think the problem is something to do with the way the directory works and is tied to the IP at install. Maybe someone has successfully managed it, but I suspect it requires manual intervention which is non-trivial. Searching the forum might provide more insight.

Can anyone confirm this is the case?
If it is, it is a woeful shortcoming.