Change subnet of a Master DC and members

I have built a small environment of ucs devices (1x Esxi with master DC, 2 Members and a separate machine with a 3rd member). Now we’re facing a large company migration and my subnet is in conflict with the server-subnet of the new company.

How do I best change the subnet of the whole environment? e.g. old 172.24.80.x/24 goes to 172.24.73.x/24. Can I simply start with the master to change the subnet and go one by one into the new subnet and manually adjusting the dns entries? Or is there a special process I should follow?

Thanks a lot!

The number of responses seem to indicate, that this isn’t a supported scenario…

…which is rather disturbing, because I have a very similar issue, only in my case I was growing out of a 64 entry subnet and needed to move to another full class C network.