Change portal text / and portal item catagory

Hello, I am having a hard time with a couple things when configuring the portal.

1st issue. I have each portal item configured to not be visible unless logged in. I see the following text: “Welcome to the portal of (portal name)
To be able to use all functions of this portal, please log in”

i would like to change that text but can’t seem to find it in the LDAP tree.

2nd issue. I would like to move an item to a different category, but when I try to move the entry in LDAP Directory/univention/portal/ and choose “more /move too…”, the categories I have created are not shown… is this the correct place to do that??

Thanks !


That’s the default text for when the admin didn’t specify anything at all. The default text is not stored in the LDAP directory, but in the program files.

That being said, you can set your own text by editing the “domain” portal entry in the UMC (“Domain” → “Portal settings” → klick on the entry of type “Portal” with name “domain” → click on the “manage anonymous visitors” tab). There you can set different texts depending on the browser language. Make sure to add one for language en_US and optionally more for other languages.

Nope. That function moves objects within the LDAP directory. The category a portal entry is shown has nothing to do with where the object is stored in the LDAP directory, though.

You can edit the category assignment in the same “domain” portal object as above, on the tab “portal categories and entries”.