Change of displayName is not synced to kopano UCS 4.4-8 and Kopano core


when changing the displayName in the user settings of kopano accounts in UCM these changes are not synced to kopano. Even kopano-admin --sync does not change anything. kopano-admin -l still shows the old displayname. Also the address book shows the old displaynames.

How may I force the update of the displayNames?

Hi @raceface2nd,

in the default configuration Kopano uses the cn attribute for the full name. To use the displayName instead the following command needs to be executed:

ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_fullname_attribute=displayName

Hi @fbartels,

but generally kopano uses the displayName for the Fullname when creating the user, correct? This is what it does here. I added the ucr key, performed a kopano-admin --sync which brings no change to the fullname and also performed a univention-directory-listener-ctrl resync kopano. kopano-admin -l still shows the “old” Fullname. Also the GAB still shows the “old” Fullname. There’s also no errors in the kopano logs.

No, as i just told you it uses the cn by default. But both attributes have the same value on ucs by default, they only differ if you override the display name on ucs.


Do you have an idea what might the issue of not syncing the displayName to Fullname after setting the registry value? should I perform a restart of all kopano services?

after changing the configuration you need to restart kopano-server so that it is aware of the change. Afterwards it will be updated with the next kopano-admin --sync.

Edit: explains the mechanisms around updating configuration for Kopano on UCS

thx that did it. for others to resume:

  1. set ucr set kopano/cfg/ldap/ldap_fullname_attribute=displayName
  2. restart kopano-server systemctl restart kopano-server
  3. resync kopano kopano-admin --sync

cheers! @fbartels :+1: