Change of Certificates in Webinterface- bricked system

Always when I change the certificate in the web interface and reboot, I am stuck with a bricked system:

Unhandled Exception

“Unable to validate Signature”

See attached screenshot. I consider this a bug.

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Can you describe in detail (or point to the part of the documentation) which steps are taken to change the certificate?

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Hi Dirk,

I go to “System/Certificate settings”, change the following:
CN from “Univention Corporate Server Root CA (ID=uj2OBl27)” to " Corporate Server Root CA (ID=uj2OBl27)"
Email Address from to
Location Settings from Germany to Austria
(State and Location are detected properly to AT)
Business Unit from “Univention Corporate Server” to “IT”

Then I save and popup says its restarting services.

After that, the installation is bricked, eg. I can see the main webpage, but can not longer logon to the Admin-Page.
Service restart on the console is working.




I am not able to reproduce this. My steps:

  • using Firefox (version 42) logged on to my test-system with https and IP-address (local virtualized system, not included in any existing DNS)
    Certificate was already accepted earlier as trusted
  • using the “Certificate settings” UMC Module I changed all available fields in a comparable way, the certificate was generated
  • rebooted the system, when accessing ucs-overview with https the new certificate was presented, login was possible

It might as well be related to the Browser and its certificate handling.

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This interesting,

this happens with a clean UCS VMWare Image, cleanly downloaded and setup only with the gui.

So this should be reproducable with the original UCS Vmware image, though.

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