Change IP Address Of A Univention Corporate Server




I hope you are well. What is the proper process to change the IP address of a UCS slave domain controller, if possible?




easy: open the slave server’s Univention Management Console in your web browser & log in. Navigate to “System” → “Network settings”. Change the IP address there.

That should suffice — the corresponding LDAP entries should be changed automatically.

Of course you’ll have to re-configure anything external that uses that server’s old IP address (instead of its host name). The host name may also be a bit problematic due to DNS caching.

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Thank you Mosu, that is where I went wrong last time. Thinking it was Linux-based I changed its IP via /etc/network/interface and that seemed to mess things up in my test environment. Thanks for your help!


Yeah, that file (and a lot of other config files) is actually generated from template files every time certain variables (in this case: the network configuration variables stored in the Univention Config Registry) are changed. Therefore manual changes get lost.

If you want to know more about templates in Univention and how to integrate manual changes safely (and finding out if manual changes are needed in the first place or if there’s actually a supported way of achieving what you want), you can read a blog post I’ve written about it a couple of weeks ago.