Change default portal after user login

I’m having a bit of a new problem with the upgrade to 5.0-2 with the portal. When a user logs in, they are directed

user accesses:

automatic redirect to:

user logs in and redirected to:

They all see an error:

they can get to the actual portal using two methods:
1: image

2.) edit the URL removing “management”

a redirection to lands to a working portal page


I know the portal has undergone changes, and perhaps my own customizations have caused the problem… but I’m not sure how to reset it back to a clean default and I will rebuilt it.


If i change the original URL to
it redirects to:

which lands the user on the right page. is there a way to keep it short as ???



I’ve got the same issue on our system after the updates UCS4.4–>5.0.0–>5.0.1–>5.0.2 .
Still no solution, but in my case there are two more entries besides “General” in the LDAP Portal options:

  • Portal categories and entries
  • Manage anonymous visitors

The last one seems to be exactly what you are looking for:

Unfortunately it had no effect in my case whether I activate the “Redirect … to login” option or not.

Just found a simple solution for my problem:
On the Managed Node responsible for carrying out the Portal the join-script “univention-portal” (among others) was still pending. After executing it everything works fine.

I hope there is such a simple solution for you too.

unfortunately not in my case, all my join scripts are executed. I have noticed there seems to be two portals competing with each other on my installation

As the Administrator account:

Auto-redirect to:

Administrator account logs in:
auth successful - two automatic redirects happen:

Then immediately again to


clicking the menu and “Back to start site”


manually editing the URL removing /category=favorites

It seems to be a bigger issue with the v5 upgrades and I’m unsure how to fix this.

Thanks for your ideas!

anyone at Univention able to shed some light?