Can't upgrade to UCS 4.3.0

Trying to upgrade my mail server to UCS 4.3.0 i got this warning:

The currently installed release version is 4.2-3 errata313.
Further release updates are available but cannot be installed. The currently installed version of the application Maildisclaimer is not available for all newer UCS releases. You may wait for the app to be released for the new UCS version. Using the “App Center” module, you may also search for alternative apps or uninstall the application

Maildisclaimer is already released in the official Univention Appcenter repository:

I tried apt-get clean, but i still can’t upgrade to UCS 4.3.0

Yes, but it isn’t the same version (the directory names aren’t equal).

Sorry SirTux, but I think I didn’t understand.

What version and directory names are you talking about?

About the directory names of the maildisclaimer app of course.

Thanks SirTux, I wrote to Maildisclaimer support (bitbone) and they are saying directorys in Univention repository aren’t named the same

4.2: maildisclaimer_20170524102325
4.3: maildisclaimer_20171106160114

But Maildisclaimer version is the same as in 4.2 (Maildisclaimer 2.0.2)
They are checking with their developer if this could cause the issue.

I did remove Maildisclaimer APP before upgrading and reinstalled it after Upgrade to 4.3
all settings where still there so not really time consuming thing