Can't see or access Shares

Hello everyone

We have 3 UCS Server, one PDC, one BDC and one Replica. The Replica is our File Server. Therefor I attached a 2nd Disk with 4TB and mounted to the directory /data. The automount is configured in /etc/fstab and formatted as ext4. On the attached disk I made a directory shares.

I configured the shares on our pdc as myDomain:/shares/myShareName, gave the ownership to Administrator and the Group it should belong to, for example myGroup. Owner and Group have read, wrire and execute permissions, other none. I did the same on Samba permissions.

I was able to join my Windows Client to the domain and login with my regular ldap User withaout any problem.

So far so good to the situation. Now I have some problems and some questions…

  1. Problem: I don’t see any share and if I try to access the share directly as \\IP-ADDRESS-OF-MY-PDC\Share it seams to find it becaus I get a login prompt, but as soon I try to login, dosn’t matther if with my regular User or the Administrator, it brings an error as it can’t login. My regular user is member of the group that should have access to it.

  2. Problem: When I logged in with my regular User it made the /home/myUser directory, but I want that the home-directory should be the user’s share that I made under /data/shares/users indipendently if Windows, Mac or Linux Users. How I should do that?

Hope I could explain it clear and that somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance

I foud the Solution myself. I simply forgot to install the samba4 service for the File Server as explained in the documentation: