Cant open radius setting

i have been install radius on UCS and set administrator to “allow network access”.
but it still cant open radius setting, although reboot the sever.
what i miss?

what do you mean by “radius setting” .
do you read the doc already ? ucs radius docs

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stuck here

cant see this

To configure an access point using the Univention Management Console a computer object must exists for it. This object needs the RADIUS-Authenticator option to be set (Figure 11.6). An IP managed client is a good choice as a computer object for access points. The RADIUS settings can be edited on the RADIUS tab of the object (Figure 11.7). At least the IP address and the shared secret must be configured. The virtual server and NAS type options usually do not need to be changed.

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hello pider thank you for your reply.
the problem is me. i cant understand what ucs manual mean about radius. after read and with google translate, i got the point.

at first i thought ucs radius server like mikrotik user manager. can do many restriction to hotspot client.

the goal is, one stop solution for AD to student in lab computer and user manager for hotspot client in our school. so, now we focus ucs for AD and print server. radius using user Manager in our ccr router.