Can't login to Office Desktop Apps after activating SSO

Hi, I have the M365 connector running and it works fine with web application of Office. I can log in at and get to authenticate against our UCS successfully. When I install the Office packet and try to activate it by signing in I don´t get redirected to the UCS panel neither am I allowed to enter a password. After typing in my e-mail I get an error which is not always the same. Almost every time I try it I get a network error. Then sometimes I get the error “We cant connect you. Looks like we cant connect to one of our services right now. Please try again later or contact your helpdesk if the issue persists. 0xCAA70010” after that I get a normal “network error” window. Imgur: The magic of the Internet & Imgur: The magic of the Internet. I once got a Windows where they stated, that there might be group policy that blocks the connection. I checked that and its just not true. The window, as mentioned, just popped up once or maybe twice. Trying to get the Office Desktop apps running for almost two weeks now. Would highly appreciate if someone could help.Is it still possible to run Office desktop apps with UCS SSO?