Can't Install UCS

I am attempting to rebuild my UCS Server. However I keep getting the below error, when trying to guided partition install with LVM. LVM installation worked the first time, not sure why it doesn’t work this time. I’ve even dd zeroed the disks. Still show this error…Going Entire Disk with LVM fails but going Entire Disk NO LVM works.

System has 2 disks of 1TB each. Only installing on first disk, will add the second as extra data space via LVM if I can get LVM to work.


not sure what the issue might be, but you should try to look into the two logs the installer suggest:

[ul][li]Go to virtual console 4 and look at the messages there. This is usually done by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F4. I don’t know whether your KVM viewer allows you to send that combination, though.[/li]
[li]Look at syslog during the installation. For this you can probably go to the second virtual console (Ctrl+Alt+F2); you should have a shell there, and look at /var/log/syslog.[/li][/ul]

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