Can't change user password using self-service

I have problem with self-service because I can’t change any univention user password


Any one get same problem as me?


just looking at the provided screenshots I would guess that

  • case 1: the wrong (old) password was entered
  • case 2: the old password was not entered

But there might be another reason and I would suggest to look at /var/log/univention/management-console-module-passwordreset.log

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Case 1: not wrong password I make sure by copy and past
Case 2: I already entered the old password

I look at log file only one line

22.10.18 17:15:01.622  MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : Setting auth type to None

Sorry, my fault. The mentioned log is not touched when trying to reset the password with known credentials.
Instead have a look at management-console-server.log and management-console-web-server.log in the same directory.