Can't cahnge homeTelephoneNumber with udm users/user


I can’t seem to change a user’s homeTelephoneNumber with the below command. We are storing a hash in homeTelephoneNumber for the Google Apps Directory Sync Utility for password syncronization because the Univention Google Apps for Work connector isn’t up to par yet. It’s still missing a feature requested last year that suspends a user on deletion vs. erasing them from Google. How do I modify this field?

udm users/user modify --dn=uid=firstlastname,cn=users,$(ucr get ldap/base) --set password="Password1234" 
--set overridePWHistory=1 --set homeTelephoneNumber="27a911407b346b6d9876444209ab8ee0945db77da"

The error I get when running it is: “E: Invalid Syntax: homeTelephoneNumber: Value must not contain anything other than digits, letters, dots, brackets, slash, plus, or minus!”


Sorry false alarm, it was the return characters. Going from Mac to Linux is a pain sometimes.