Can't boot into 4.9 after vm migration

After migrate my UCS VM from xenserver to ESXI with vmware Converter i can’t boot into UCS.
I get a kernel panic, vfs can’t mount unknow device block 0,0
After some debug i’m able to restore the grub menu entries and now i can boot but only to 4.1 kernel, with 4.9 always get the kernel panic.

Other thing i figure out is that now the disk are /dev/sda and before in xen they are /dev/xvda

Any suggestion to solve the issue?



cat /etc/fstab
cat /boot/grub/

Guess i solve it.

Boot into 4.1 then update-initramfs -u -t and update-grub reboot and works

Before that i already have change the device map manully and have done a dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc with a rescue cd