Can't Access Shares

We’ve been evaluating UCS for the last few weeks. We’ve re-installed it a few times until we were happy with the configuration. Now it’s up and running and configured to our satisfaction… except we can’t get shares to work. I swear we had it working fine in a previous iteration, but for some reason right now it’s just not working and I can’t figure out why.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  • UCS is configured as a PDC
  • Windows 10 Pro client (latest updates) is a member of the domain
  • Logged-in Windows user can access his shared home directory just fine at all the following locations:
  • a share is created using the UCS web interface from the local directory /var/office-shares/shared, with the name “Shared”, the user “root” and the group “Domain Users”. Read/write/execute access if given to user and group. Everything else is left at default settings (logged in Windows 10 user is part of the “Domain Users” group)
  • click save… the directory is created on the server, but nothing shows up on the network. Browsing at \\pdc\ from the Wijdows client shows no new share, only “netlogon”, “sysvol” and the user’s home share. Typing directly \\pdc\Shared or \pdc\shares\Shared fails.

Checking the local directory on the server, it’s created with user “root” and group “nogroup” (isn’t it supposed to be “Domain Users” like I selected when creating the share?) It just doesn’t appear to be accessible anywhere on the network. I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. Network file sharing is like one of the most basic tasks I can think of that I’ve been doing for decades…

I finally figured it out… /var is a blacklisted directory for creating shares. I had to either whitelist /var/office-shares, or create my shares somewhere else (like /srv). It would’ve been great to be told of this in the form of an error message, but I had to dig through the listener.log file to find it. Also, the share was working fine for NFS, it was only failing for Samba. This seems inconsistent.