Cannot send activation email


When I enter my email and click send I get this message:

"The activation of UCS failed. Please re-try to perform the the activation again via the user menu in the top right.

Please can I have help with thiss as otherwise this is currently unusuable.


please have a look in the following logfiles: /var/log/univention/management-console-server.log and /var/log/univention/management-console-web-server.log, right after you got the error message. Please post any error that is logged there.

An issue could be that ucs is running behind a proxy, so you may want to deactivate that to make sure, or configure the proxy on UCS correctly.


Turns out I’d messed up my firewall. All fixed :slight_smile:

Hate to necro- but what was the problem in your firewall? I have a rule allowing ALL outbound traffic from my UCS DC. I also have a rule allowing inbound traffic via 22/80/443