Cannot remove backup DC


I am trying to remove a backup domain controller from UCS using:

/usr/share/univention-samba4/scripts/ --computername=backupdomaincontroller

However, it says no computer with the specified name was found. I did the steps from this link, but nothing.

If i execute

samba-tool drs showrepl

I see the backup dc-s and their name also. I double checked the names and made sure i didn’t do a typo.

Did my research, but i did not find a topic with a similar problem.

Background story:
There was two backup domain domain controllers on a site, which will be moved to another site. I want to remove them, move them to another site, then rejoin them into the domain. Now, not only i cannot remove them, i cannot make a domain controller slave. At installation when it asks for credentials i got the following error:


I’m lost, please help.
Thank you all in advance for any tips


Managed to resolve my problem. This article is gold, helped me a lot to cleanup the master dc.