Cannot paste into OX new mail editor



Since the latest updates to 4.2.4 it’s not possible to paste text into a new mail.
Anyone a clue what’s going on here?

We’re using univention/OX

Edit: It is possible to cut/copy text from inside the mail editor and paste.
But not when copied outside OX. But I’ve even tried by first pasing into a plaintext editor. And then copying the text, but to no avail. This has been tested on 4 different OX Installations and on different PCs.


And again an update on this:

If you paste ONE sinlge line from outside OX into the mail editor it’s impossible and you will give up and cry in anger.

If you put a single empty line or CR in front of the line you intend to copy and paste that into the editor it works. This means you will fail when trying to paste anything from a single URL to any other one line information.

Now I really dont’t want to tell this to my clients and get hanged for it. So please put that on the bug list and provide a patch for the Univention/OX version as soon as possible.



I can confirm the problem in the email editor of OX.
OX has been informed and is investigating the problem.



Thanks a lot Daniel !