Cannot install OX Guard on UCS 4.2.3 E246

I have been trying for two weeks to add OX Guard to our install of OX Appsuite and OX Documents.

The mail server and OX Appsuite\Documents reside on a dedicated UCS server which is a DCslave to a UCS DC Master in our enterprise. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and tried over and over for several weeks. Everything else looks great, all services are working flawlessly, system diagnostics look great.

The install most often fails with a simple message “internal server error” and no further information. I have not found any of the logs helpful in identifying the error thus far.

Occasionally the attempted install fails with an error 502, which as I understand it is not a Univention error. Has anyone else installed this on a multiple server enterprise? Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you


Please take a look at the log files


I am having the exact same issue and the logs aren’t showing anything useful. Thoughts on how to troubleshoot from here?

Command line install did work to install the app