Cannot edit portal after upgrade to 5.0

I can’t edit the portal layout after upgrading to 5.0 on my network. For about 15 minutes I saw the edit link a the bottom of the flyout menu on the right when clicking the menu icon. Now it’s gone for some reason. Any ideas where I can look? perhaps in the LDAP Tree / Portal section of system/registry?

this is confusing.

It appears the portal can only be edited from the primary/master UCS system. I noticed that last night trying to find anything I did wrong… was that intended behaviour with the 5.0 upgrade? I recall being able to edit the portal on each machine independently.

I also noticed there are two paths available. ← new design <---- old design

is this also intentional?


Yes, that is intentional. As the handbook states:

After logging in to the portal on the Primary Directory Node or Backup Directory Node, members of the Domain Admins group can edit the portal after clicking on the corresponding entry in the user menu.

This is intentional too, but to be clear: /univention/management provides the old design of the UMC, which is deprecated in UCS 5, whereas /univention/portal is the right path to reach the Portal and will continue to work.

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excellent, I missed that in the documentation. Thank you.

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sorry @jlk I notice that one of the systems in the domain is landing on /univention/management/ after authentication.
the primary server is landing on /univention/portal

i recall making some adjustments back in 4.x when creating my portal pages but I spent about 2 hours going through the registry and ldap tree trying to remember… I cannot find where to change that. Can you help ?