Cannot change administrator password



I want to change administrator password
through terminal udm users/user --dn="uid=Administrator,cn=users,dc=XXXX,dc=XXX --set password=XXXX
but give an error = LDAP error:object class violation:unrecognized objectclass ‘kopano-user’


Hi @mamoon,

that command does not work for me and gives a different error:

$ udm users/user --dn="uid=Administrator,cn=users,dc=kopano,dc=intranet" --set password="test123"
Unknown or no action defined

The unrecognized objectclass message sounds like the kopano ldap schema is not installed. Was the app removed at some point?


Hey there!

The udm action is missing (list, create, modify, remove, move).
This command should work:

$ udm users/user modify --dn="uid=Administrator,cn=users,dc=kopano,dc=intranet" --set password="test123"


yes, once I changed my testing command to have a more complex password it indeed succeeds for me.


yeah i removed the app


now it give me following information
value is required :the property primary group is required


okay, let’s have a look at the Administrator account. A primary group is indeed required (should be “Domain Admins”, iirc):

$ udm users/user list --filter uid=Administrator


primary group is: cn=Domain Admins,cn=group,dc=XX,dcXX



This could be due to the same reason I’ve written about here. You should check if the setting in the policy in the UMC are correct.

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i think i cannot log in as administrator because i donot have a password for that .