Cannot add storage pool for VMs

Yes, I found Using virsh, I pool-defined-as a pool as root, pool-started and pool-autostarted it, restarted univention-virtual-machine-manager-daemon and univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-common, but yet, I can’t select my freshly defined pool during creation of a HDD. So, what crucial step am I missing?

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Okay, two days later (without checking inbetween) when showing my colleague my problem, UVMM offers the new pool. So I guess, it has been some kind of caching problem after all. I will mark this thread as solved, but still I would be interested in why this doesn’t show up immediately after adding the pool and restarting the services mentioned in the manual. I even Ctrl-F5’ed the web interface to make sure it fetches everything anew.