Can we delete ldap user that was add automaticly?



In users section Can we delete ldap user that was add automaticly from LDAP like this exemple below



Ah, ok, you moved this screenshot from the other thread.
No problem, I was just wondering as I already started to answer there.
We are still talking about Nextcloud, right?

My guess is that the “Nextcloud enabled” attribute was automatically added during the installation of Nextcloud for the existing accounts.
You should be able to adjust this through the Univention Management Console. I’d recommend to use the checkbox and select all appropriate accounts. This way you can apply the change at once.


Yes im talking about nextcloud :slight_smile:

Ok i just wanted to be sure that if i remove those users that nextcloud will continue to work that is why i was asking

So ill unchecked the box for all of them

Thanks again for your help i appreciated it