Can UCS Be Migrated to AD?


I’m looking into UCS for some customers that don’t want to go for a Windows Server Solution.
As i’m evaluating all possible future scenarios, I’ve seen that you can migrate and completely switch off an AD PDC and go 100% with UCS, but i didn’t find any information if in the future, in case it’s needed, a switch back to AD is possible.

Has anyone an idea where i could find any information about this? In the documentation i couldn’t find anything and in the forum I only found suggestions that in case a Windows server is needed, to keep UCS and just add a member server. Couldn’t find anything if migrating computers and user accounts back to windows and dismiss UCS is actually possible…

Thanks a lot!

Dear N3k0s,

UCS is not just OpenLDAP, there is an ‘Active Directory compatible Domain Controller’ Component you might install via the App Center. This serves a Samba-AD which is quite compatible with the MS-AD.
Currently there is no official scenario to fill a MS-AD from UCS side so you might probably look for some MS tools to import a foreign Directory into MS-AD.

Maybe this already helps you but in case I completely got you wrong, please try to clarify what you have in mind.

kind regards, Nico