Can’t contact LDAP Server after IP Address Change

I’ve just gotten started with UCS with SuiteCRM installed. I had the server on DHCP initially and while trying to make some changes to the network the server is on, the server got a new IP address on a different subnet. When attempting to login to SuiteCRM I received “Can’t contact LDAP Server”. I returned the server to its original IP address but am still receiving the error. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you!


make sure you have your DNS and network settings correctly.

For UCS it is possible (but not recommended, though) to use DHCP for network configuration. However, in practise you should configure it through our designed ways. I assume it got three different IP addresses assigned meanwhile?
Fix it by loging in as root to the console and use “ucr set VARIABLE=VALUE” for the following variables related to your interface (here ens192, migth be different from your setup)::

interfaces/ens192/netmask: 24
interfaces/ens192/start: true
interfaces/ens192/type: static
interfaces/primary: ens192

Once done, reboot your host to get the configuration into place and verify if you can resolve your UCS

HI, I have the same problem using the Univention SuiteCRM on VirtualBox receiveing the “Can’t contact LDAP Server”. I supose it was the result of using dhcp and my ip was changed.
After assign only one ip to the Virtualmachine, I still have the “Can’t contact LDAP Server” problem.

In my case I resolve doing this:

  • Login to unvention portal
  • Go to “UCS Systems and domain settings” At Administration group
  • Go the Computers icon and check if the computers have the correct ip assigned. I found that the ip number was not the same that i was using.
  • So I change to the ip that was using save the configuration and reboot the Virtual Box of SuiteCRM and I can log in to SuitCRM Without problems