Can not Install UCS on a New Server - Graphic install does not show up

Hi guys,
we tried to install UCS on a New Server (Fujitsu Primergy RX1330 M4).
The base system install is running without any problems until the “package manager” install show up.
I try to choose a Country and than a archive mirror link, but it is not necessary none of these work so far (Bad Archive Mirror)
So I choose " go ahead without archive mirror". after the other stuff is installed the installer said something like: install is not complete, Server reboot and start with Graphical Configuration.

But this Graphical configuration does not show up. UCS Start with the Terminal Login Screen and it is not possible to reach the Web interface.
any Ideas?

It is not intended to use the web interface locally. Simply enter the IP of your new UCS installation from another device in your network, and you will find yourself on the web interface. If you have chosen KDE as your desktop, you may have to install a graphics driver.

Yes, I know that. But there is an installation with Graphic interface. Univention Like that you See on the Picture.
But I don’t get that one.
There happens nothing if I open the IP Address (Yes, it is the right address).
It seems like the base installation ist not complete.

Strange, never had this problem before. What server with what graphic do you have?