Can I remove portal icon link (Bareos Backup) badge from Univention portal


Hello - I have been tryign to remove the link to Bareos so I am the only one who sees it, from the administration dashboard only. It is under ‘Local Apps’ and there is no option to remove. Where can I only remove the public link but keep the app installed so I can see it in app dashboard but nobody else sees it?

thank you - love UCS - keep up the great work!



you can configure the entry to be shown only when users of specific groups are logged in (e.g. Domain Admins), deactivate it or simply remove it. Removal might be reverted by the software’s setup scripts during upgrades, though.

In order to configure the behavior, log in to the UMC and go to “Domain” → “Portal settings”. Click on the entry corresponding to Bareos in order to edit the entry. At the bottom of that page you’ll find the checkbox to deactivate and a selection of groups to limit visibility to.

Note that you need a fairly recent version of UCS for this level of configurability. Earlier versions only offered to deactivate the entry or even only its removal.

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Thank you Mosu! Would deactivating it uninstall it or make it not available from within the Administration panel in UMC, or just deactivate the active link on the public-facing portal?


All changes I mentioned only affect the the icon in the portal, nothing more — not the installed software, nor the modules in the UMC.


Great just what i was looking for! thank you