Bluespice App Migration


we are using happily the Wikiapp Bluespice on UCS 4.4. Now we want to migrate to UCS 5.0.x and want to keep the App.
We found out that, there is still a docker-Container for Bluespice in the 5.x-repositories.

we run the following:
docker pull

we copied the following files and directories to the new system:
/var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/bluespice/bluespice.env with ldap_server_ip, domainname, docker_host_name, db_password und nameserver1 changed
we dumped also the MySQL-Database and migrated it to the new system
And we copied /etc/machine.secret (LDAP password) from the old system into the new container

we run ‘ucr search bluespice’ on the old system and set them with ‘ucr set variable/value’ on the new system.
for the variable appcenter/apps/bluespice/ports/80 we guessed the next free port on the host system which is 4002.
only the variable appcenter/apps/bluespice/hostdn we were not sure to keep it as it is or not

Finally we run
docker run --env-file /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/bluespice/bluespice.env
then we stopped it and could start it again with univention-app {start|status|stop} bluespice
But univention-app reinitialize bluespice does not work.

The container started and the indexing run fine, but the container does not open a port in order to deliver the website to Apache on the host system.
We could post the logs of the docker container if this is desired.

What did we forget to copy or run, can anybody please help?

Greetings Nina and Kolja