BlueSpice 3 not syncing groups



Hi all,
after upgrading to BlueSpice 3, groups are not syncing anymore.
Users are able to login with their credentials and get successfully checked against the LDAP, but no groups are transferred to BlueSpice. Logged in users just belong to the default “autoconfirmed users” group even if everybody is at least member of “Domain Users”.
So I’m not able to do administrative stuff as my rights are restricted to user-rights too at the moment.
I found a workaround and injected a user-group relation into the user_groups database table after the login (otherwise it gets deleted by BlueSpice) to be able to do the minimal required config after the upgrade (which deleted all the custom rights :roll_eyes:)
I can’t find any error log from Bluespice, so I got no idea where to search the problem.

Any ideas?




I had the same issue but got it fixed. See

Hope it helps.