Black Screen after restarting the VM


we have problems to update our Open Project to the actual version.
After that we would like to check the system.
But the problem is that we get a black screen after every restart.
Can you please help us?
Which further information do you need?

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ist there anybody who can help us with this issue?

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I can’t help you with the problem but basically you should post more information about your environment:

  • What kind of virtualizer
  • UCS version and role of the VM
  • Are you still able to access the VM via SSH?

I run all UCS systems as VM. The nice thing is that before any update (system or app) I can take a snapshot with one click and if something doesn’t work I can get back with one click.

There you can see the black sreen:

We are already using a VM.
We work with the Hyper-V-Manager.
UCS version: 4.4.8 errata 1009
What do you mean by “role of the vm”?

Try this

Best Ben

Hi Ben,

we checked this, but it doesn’t work. Any other ideas?

Additionally we got an update error, do you have an idea about this error message and what to do?

Best Michael