Best way to migrate UCS to new UCS install

I have an older install that used docker (nextcloud bundle UCS) and I have had nothing but issues with this build (one that was build with nextcloud). The normal UCS installs I have never had issues with. So I would like to migrate this UCS install to a new UCS install. I couldn’t find any information on the best way to do this.

I need to migrate UCS to new UCS install:

  • Users in AD
  • Roaming profiles and files
  • Global policies and group policies
  • Shares and files
  • AD, LDAP, DNS everything UCS uses to make it run.
  • I am not using any apps. Just using UCS as AD for roaming profiles and file shares.

Does the AD take over app do all this? When going from UCS to UCS? Is there another script or program to make this task easier when using UCS to UCS?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone had any advice on this?