Best way to do file sync / backup


Hy there,

I’m testing in virtual lab have multiple servers with ucs.
What i have done is one server do AD takeover, then install others servers as slaves, because they will be in other sites, this i test and works ok.
What i missing, the main server will have 4 shares (site1 site2 site3 and site4), so, the purpose is the local sites servers have the files locally, so if internet goes down users can have the files locally.

Anyone can help?
owncloud in each ucs could be a solution?

Thanks for the help



ownCloud is not designed to sync files between servers. In addition the current stage of integration doesnt support multiple ownCloud servers in one UCS-domain (at least in a consistent way and with the ability to define which user is defined on which system).

What can be done with ownCloud is to have a central ownCloud system which consolidates multiple storage sources including those served on remote locations.
You will need to configure External Storage Support or Windows Network Drive (WND). (WND needs a subscription of “ownCloud by it25” or “ownCloud Enterprise”).

The other approach would be the bi-directional sync of files/folders or blockdevices between the UCS-systems. DRBD is available on UCS but might require a subscription to use DRBD-Proxy. I dont know if someone already used Ceph oder GlusterFS on UCS.

I have heared that running Syncthing on UCS is possible. It might be possible to configure to sync folders between 2 or more servers.

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File/Directory Sync for UCS File Shares recommendations

Thanks for that possibles solutions.

I read today about syncthing today, i don’t know that solution. I last resort i will do it old style, with rsync at the end of the day, but before start i’m searching for some solutions opensource, so subscriptions is a no go.



I have the same problem. There shouldn’t be any problems building ceph cluster on wheezy. I’v planning to do it in near future.


With ucs 4.3 and samba capable of some dfs could something like this be done via samba ?


No, DFS is no replication it is a distribution of folders from one share on differnet servers but no duplication of the files

that would be DRS but that is not build in SAMBA afaik



@externa1 any ideia if can we simulate drs, using dfs and syncthing for example?


Might be quite too easy to think of… but why are you not moving the shares to the local servers?

share1 on master in location1
share2 on backup (?) in location2
and so on.

This way, users have their storage locally juat as you asked for…


@knebb in my case is to centralize the backups
As location1 is the headquarters and where should exists backup and backup redundancy (best installations)

But as internet connection isn’t ideal i prefer have shares in location2 so do don’t affect users work.


I had a similar issue. In the end I just created the shares locally and are doing backups in the night through the slow internet connection with the help of rsync (through BackupPC).

Everything else doesn’t really work out and I really tried a lot.


That is my solution too.
Only a rsync script, not using backuppc


@knebb, hello :slight_smile:

How do you have (if you have it) the home folders / redirect folders configured?

In home folder i can’t get %logonserver% work :confused: