Best way to create custom apache proxy in Docker container

My application does not work well with a context path. Links coming from the UCS overview page do have a context path. The result is that within my docker container my app responds to request from the UCS overview page with 404.

An idea was to provide a apache proxy within the docker container’s apache. What is the recommended way to do so? I found out that I have to enable the apache2 rewrite and proxy modules and restart the docker’s own apache.

Is the join script the right place for this?

Hi @ritter,

do you mean to proxy once more from /path to /?

I had similar problems with the Mattermost and Minio apps (both want to run in the root of the domain). You could have a look at these two apps how I setup apache on the Univention host to create a subdomain for these two apps.

The sources of both apps are available from

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Thank you! I think I have the same issue here as well. I will look into the sources and report back.