Best procedure to remove a backup domain controller

I would like to know the best procedure for removing a backup domain controller from the domain.
The Domain has two backup DC’s in two different sites and I will be decomissioning one of them prior to adding another at the master site.
Thank you

Version 4.3.3 errata 390


no offense, but this forum has a “search” icon on top right.

See above link to find the article.


No offense taken. I searched on “remove backup domain controller” and did not see “Remove a Server in the Right Way”.
I also saw this post which made it sound more complicated. So I will just use
Thanks for answering.

I am very sorry to say that, but as in most IT forums, the result you google leads to a thread where the comment is: use the search function. This makes sure that future users with the same problem will always find a thread which is useless. I honestly hope people here in this forum could stop that.
Offense taken.

Hi JAlbani,

yes, you are correct. Just writing: “Search for yourself” really does not help anyone. But frequently it is and issue of wrong wordings or sometimes just lazyness.
And some users need to get the hints. So in my opinion it is good to tell users to search AND point them into the right direction. Which I did by providing the link to the solution.

Anyways, the initiator got the correct information so the topic is done for me.



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Thank you for the replay, and I want to apologize for my inappropriate comment.