Best Practice: Recommended storage space and partitioning scheme


Planing the setup of an UCS instance, it is important to know what amount of storage space is required and which partitions are recommended.


Recommended storage space

  • The storage space depends on your scenario. The minimum requirements for the installation are 1 GB memory and 8 GB hard drive space. This is not always enough for productive use. (Reference: english / german)
  • For UCS different scenarios have already been described. There is no general recommendation. (Reference: english / german)
  • For UCS@School different scenarios have already been described, which also dependents on the number of students. (Reference: german)

Recommended partitioning scheme

General use case

  • In general the Debian recommendation applies. Please have at least /home and /var/log separated. (Reference: english / german)

UCS-specific cases

Partition Use case
/var/spool/dovecot/ Using UCS as a Mailserver (Reference: english / german)
/var/univention-backup/ Regular local backups. To remove outdated backups after a year automatically: ucr set backup/clean/max_age=365 (Reference: english / german)
/var/lib/univention-ldap/ Having the LDAP directory database on separate storage i.e. SSD (Reference: english / german)
/var/lib/univention-repository/ Create your own UCS Repository Mirror (Reference: english / german)
/var/lib/univention-appcenter App Center integrations may store user-data in this directory


If you’re not sure whether the recommendations will fit into your scenario, please ask your Professional Services contact person, or create a new topic referencing this article.