Bareos installation and operation

I find it difficult to understand Bareos documentation for Univention.

  1. Looking at various screenshoots depicting UMC with Bareos webservices (webui) but there don’t seem exist a way to install these webservices or GUI’s.
  2. Installing Webui according to Bareos manual doesn’t work. Downloading the Release.key results in an invalid key.
  3. How to backup other UCS servers is somewhat unclear. It appear to me that bareos client is refering to a workstation rather than a server, please correct me if I am wrong. Reading various posts indicate that I only need to install bareos-filedaemon, however bareos-client seem to contain the file-daemon as well.

I am having a hard time understanding how to configure Bareos in Univention so that I can benfit from the UCS environment.


Got the backup of clients to work!
The documentation did throw me off a bit. The Bareos repository does not work for some reason, I keep getting invalid key when downloading and installing Release.key.

I added the Univention Bareos repository to the additional UCS servers to be backed up and was now able to install the Bareos-filedaemon. Subsequent configuration worked as it should.

Still to be figured out is how to install the WebUI since that is not included in the Univention-Bareos repository.

The Univention-Bareos version is 13.2.2 and I can see that version 15.2 is published.

When will 15.2 be available from the Univention AppStore

Hello Bengt,

Bareos 15.2 will be available in the App-Center very soon, the new WebUI included. Stay tuned.