Bareos does not delete expired media


i always have the problem that the backup partition of bareos will be written full.

/dev/mapper/vg02-backup02   12T     12T     0  100% /backup

i have set the following ucs variables for bareos:

bareos/max_diff_volume_bytes: 50
bareos/max_diff_volumes: 150
bareos/max_full_volume_bytes: 200
bareos/max_full_volumes: 300
bareos/max_incr_volume_bytes: 50
bareos/max_incr_volumes: 150

the current situation at the storage-pools is:

Name               Type       storage media               max storage media

Differential 	Backup 	97 	                             150
Full 	                Backup 	285 	                             300
Incremental 	Backup 	136 	                             150

in the pools some median expired but bareos doesn’t delete them

when bareos removes an expired medium?

  • if it has expired (this does not happen here)
  • when it has expired and the maximum number of media in the pool has been reached
  • or other conditions

Somebody can give me a hint?

with best

Hi Sven,

by default bareos will not delete volumes. Once your pool is “full” (i.e. max_volumes for the pool is reached) old volumes will be recycled.
You will have to make sure that your storage can hold the amount of data you have configured.
max_diff_volume_bytes * max_diff_volumes + max_full_volume_bytes * max_full_volumes + max_incr_volume_bytes * max_incr_volumes

In the current state you will also have to manually delete some volumes from bareos to free up space on your backup filesystem.

Best Regards,

means that the retention time for the media in a pool consists of the variables max_[pool]volume and max[pool]_volumes?

Okay, I started cleaning up the pool. I started with the full-pool. i have deleted all media with the status “expired” / “full” from the database and the file system. in addition i deleted all media with the status “error” / 0kB as well.

Now there are still 60 media in the pool “Full”

In the Univention Config Reg I set:

bareos/max_full_volumes = 150

when I look at the pool in bareos-webui it’s there:

Pool: Full Current Media: 285 Max Media: 285
Hhow do I get bareos to update this?

with best