BareOS and Backing up other UCS servers

We have BareOS installed, no issues there. We also have client backups working for Windows and Linux OS Clients. However how does one backup other UCS Servers? Ex. FilesServer, Nagios Server. We have apps installed on separate UCS KVM VMs as member servers. We’d also like to backup our UCS Master and UCS Backup. It appears that we’d have to install BareOS Director on every one of our UCS Servers, BareOS best practice is to only have one director. In our case we’d have multiple just to backup each UCS Member Server, or DC. We’d like to install the client only on each. However in the UCSM there is no check box to enable backups for UCS Clients, only for Windows and Linux Clients. How do we backup our UCS Servers?

Hello Brian,

the integration in UMC to manage backup of UCS clients is not implemented, yet.

For now you can include other UCS / Linux servers in your Bareos backup manually, as described here: … lient.html

If you are further intrested in getting the Bareos configuration for other UCS servers implemented in UMC or need any other help configuring your Bareos installation, please contact our sales team:

For production use we highly recommend to get a Bareos Subscription and support.

Maik Aussendorf