Backup Univention Corporate Server Bareos - solved

i want to make regularly backups of my UCS Server (running in VM), so i found bareos in the app center. But (the way i understood bareos) Bareos makes backups from other pc´s and manages them. So is it possible that bareos makes backups from the Server itself and saves them to external drives (Ideally to a NAS)?
Thanks for your help
Ich wollte von meinem UCS Server (welcher in einer VM läuft) regelmäßig backups machen und bin so auf Bareos gestoßen. Wie ich das verstanden habe ist bareos aber dazu da, um Backups von anderen PC´s zu erstellen und zu verwalten. Jetzt wollte ich fragen inwiefern ich bareos (oder Alternativen) nutzen kann, um damit von UCS selbst ein Backup zu erstellen und dies auf eine externe Festplatte zu spielen idealerweise per Netzwerk auf eine DiskStation (NAS).
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well, you could use Bareos to create a backup of your UCS, indeed. As you already figured out it might not be a good idea to store the backup on the UCS itself but you want to store it on a NAS.
In case of hardware failure on the UCS you still have the data on the NAS. Sounds good but have you put some ideas on how to restore the data from NAS? I assume it is not just a simple file copy but more a Bareos internal sort of storage files. Could you restore from the NAS without the need or Bareos? Because if your UCS is down, Bareos is, too.

If you do not want to create a dedicated backup machine I would suggest to script a quick’n’dirty rsync to backup what is needed. Have a look at this article (German).

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since you are running UCS in a VM why not let the VM server take care of taking snapshots and exporting those to the NAS?
Which virtualization server do you use?

I´m using VMware Player, is it possible to create snapshots with it?

Is this meant to be a productive environment? I would not expect that to be built with VMware Player. I find it suitable for development, but not production.
I don’t know if it supports snapshots.
Alternatively have a look at Virtual Box. It does support snapshots.