AWS from Community AMI - is it provided by Univention?


We would like to install slave server in AWS. The choice is either to use official 4.2 version (which is behind current version), or use community AMIs - but can community AMIs be trusted? Any way to perform checks and audit it?


Univention provides official AWS community images, you can find links to them on our website
Please choose an instance type with 2GiB memory or more.

Ok thanks, I see.

Instead of opening similar thread, I was wondering, are there any recommendations how to configure EC2 instance? I only found old article for version 3.2

It does not mention how to configure storage.

My concern is that AWS instances are ephemeral, meaning one day we may loose changes/LDAP state or the whole instance will be wiped.

I cannot give any further recommendations. I would refer to the AWS documentation. And of course it is always good to have a backup.