Availability of public folders with Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE)

Hi there,

I am having a Kopano installation migrated from Zarafa, and just switched from the older “Zarafa Outlook Client” to the newer “Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE)” with version 1.3.156.

The configuration and use goes fine, besides the following two issues:

  1. a complaint about an invalid server certificate whenever Outlook is started and does a first connection
  2. public folders are difficult to access

On problem no. 1, I guess the solution is to import the UCS specific certificate. Is there a recommendation on which certificate store it should be imported into, or which approach would work? So far I have not figured out yet the right way for avoiding the warning at startup of Outlook.

On problem no. 2, the issue is that KOE only seems to support display of individually selected public folders which typically appear as “Teamkalender - SYSTEM” somewhere listed alphabetically among all other local folders in Outlook. Is there any way to have a more user-friendly central “All public folders” node which includes all available public folders on that server?

Thank you for any feedback.

regarding 1: is a connection made to one of the hostnames the certificate is valid for?

regarding 2: no that is not possible