Automounter Map vs. UCS Shares

Hi There,

I’m using a fileserver sharing the users’ home directories and the project’s group directory folders. However, this fileserver is a UCS Linux client and therefore, it’s impossible to create a valid UCS shares/share item in LDAP for it. AND: it’s also impossible to enable a mount-policy for the other clients (macos, Linux).
For my purpose, I’d like to create an automount-container with automountMaps inside that I can refer by autofs/sssd, etc. for mountable nfs shares on Linux clients.

How to do that? Following, chapter 4.7 of the UCS documentation, the first step to create a container is clear, yet. I have even detected two LDAP object classes ‘automount’ and ‘AutomountMap’. However, the following steps are not clear for me. So, I’d like to ask for a best practice to do so.

Thx a lot and kind regards from Munich