Automount doesn’t work like expected

Very strange experience: As I mentioned in another thread I could log in with kerberized ssh and on some servers it mounts my home directory and on servers it doesn’t. I don’t have any clue, what are the differencies between them exept their roles: it works on dc master and dc backup as well as on member servers; on slave servers (with or without samba) it only works sometimes. How to fix this issue? Or what did I do wrong?

I think the problem lies here. Instead of ordinary automount, Univention uses its own way

And this seems not to work on all my servers. Please help to fix it.

Just found the solution or a work around. I copied the files /etc/pam.d/common-* from a working server to the ones, that don’t. And it works. I don’t know what exactly did the trick. Something had changed one or more of the particular files.