Authenticate external Devices with UCS LDAP

I am trying to authenticate Desktop Management (KACE product) with through UCS.
I can get the app to connect to the ldap with the follwing settings

Hostname: server IP
port: my port
username: CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=com
password: administratorpassword

I get error message “ERROR:Errno 49 Invalid credentials.”
But when i use this account to login computer, it could run well.


Can you connect with ldapsearch?
Have a look at this Cool Solution:


Hi Jorn,
let me know how to issue shell command in UCS ?



I seem to remember from back when I still had a KACE system that the input fields in KACE’s LDAP configuration were rather limited regarding the password length (or something like that) — e.g. only 12 or 16 characters. As far as I remember there wasn’t a workaround. What I ended up doing was adding a separate user just for KACE (it’s only about searching the LDAP anyway) whose password length matches what KACE accepted.

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You can connect to the server via SSH with root account and the password of the Administrator account.

Hi Jolentes,
I am sorry for late respond. i will try to connect to the server via SSH.
thanks for your support.