Authenticate by LDAP or Active Directory

Just out of curiosity: I want our Confluence to authenticate users directly against our UCS domain controller. I know, it works with Active Directory / Samba and I’m quite confident it will work, too, with OpenLDAP.

But is one preferable to the other?

As far as I understand the UMC and udm populate the OpenLDAP first and then synchronizes selected data to Samba. So, for client applications having access to the most complete dataset it seems reasonable to have them access OpenLDAP instead of Samba, isn’t it?

Yes it works. We are using Confluence with LDAP authentication via UCS-OpenLDAP.
If you already set it up to work with Samba I would not put any effort into changing that. I don’t think there will be a recognizable difference.

Oh, currently only Jira uses Samba AD and Confluence uses Jira. But now I want to use the DC directly without Jira as a middleman. We want to sync profile pictures and phone numbers from the DC, and it works with Jira (and an addon) but not with Confluence through Jira.

But thanks for the confirmation.