Asterisk on Univention

Currently I’ve a Free-PBX Asterix system active, on Cent-os.
All my other systems are on UNC, and I like it to run my Asterix as well from UNC, so I can use LDAP.
There’s a Asterix-4CS app available in the App-Center. But it’s not clear for me how I can configure them.
I found only German documentation, so my question is, is the Asteroid module still up to date?
And my next question is, can anyone, provide me some documentation, how I can configure them, or drive me in the right direction?

Hi goudduif,

if you relate to Asterisk4UCS, it is a tool to generate an asterisk configuration based on the LDAP information in your UCS. It comes with an asterisk server, but you are free to choose any other (Asterisk 1.6, 1.8 und 10 are supported atm). Use the module to configure your asterisk installation with the web interface and then generate a configuration which is then injected into the preinstalled asterisk server.

Hope this helps,

Hi Bernd, thanks for your replay.
Can you tell me, how, and where I configure the Trunks, and the out-, and inbound routes to my VOIP provider?


Hi goudduif,

have a look at /etc/asterisk/, you will find the base configuration files there. These files import the configurations created by the asterisk4ucs ucs module and will not be overwritten.

Tot ziens,

Hi goudduif, I’m exactly in the same situation you described: I have a working Free-PBX Asterisk installation but I’d like to start using Asterisk4UCS module (and Asterisk server) on one of mine Univention Server. As you, I didn’t understand how to configure trunks, in/out routes, etc… Finally, did you get a working Asterisk installation on Univention with Asterisk4UCS?
Did someone have experience with Asterisk4UCS App and his configuration?

Unfortunately not,
There a minimum off documentation, and the one I found are in German.

On this moment I’m reviewing if UNC is a good solution for small business companies, In my view it’s a plus, when Asterix is a part off it.

On the mean time I’m sear also for an other alternatief.
Hopefully you have more succes.