Asterisk authenticate users against UCS

I have an asterisk server on a different machine on my network. i am using UCS as my domain controller. is it possible to create a user account in UCS, create a mail account and assign an extension to it from the UCS and then the extension will work with the user, when he or she logs on?


you can query the UCS LDAP for properties of users, and you’re free to convert them into entries like

exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/the_user)

which you can include into your extension.conf. Along with entries of the form


in the sip.conf file, this would allow users to use any SIP-capable application (softphone) to be called and to dial (as you have defined the permissions in the given context).

The possibilities are endless… I’d suggest you to read at least … 91590.html and to pick what’s suitable to your particular setup.

Frank Greif.