Are there Univention Domain Controller Backup installation instructions

Could someone please point me to some Univention Domain Controller Backup installation instructions? I don’t seem to be able to find them anywhere.

I added my new computer to the computers section of UCS and labeled it as the USC DC Backup and when I join all of the scripts run with the exception of 98univention-samba4-dns which fails with:

Restarting samba-ad-dc (via systemctl): samba-ad-dc.service.
Setting dns/backend
Restarting bind9 (via systemctl): bind9.service.
* ERROR: Failed to configure Samba4 as backend for bind.     *
*        Please check the samba and the s4-connector logfile.*

If there isn’t a set of instructions does anyone here happen to know a trick to get it joined up?

Thank you!

Good Afternoon Adial,
actually you do not have to manually add in the computer. When installing a UCS to be used as Backup, the backup role is selected during the installation, as seen in the documentation below:

When the installation is complete, and the domain is joined, the computer is automatically added, in the Master DC.
Another way to do it through the UMC :

  • login into your Master DC per web interface:
  • Go to devices, and select computers,
  • Choose the ADD button
  • Then make selections as shown in the screen below:


After choosing next, you enter the name of your DC (i.e then name of the backup server ) choose default as network, and enter the MAC address and IP.

  • Choose create computer.

The Computer is then created as a backup DC

Best Regards
Anna Takang

This is fantastic, thank you @takang I now have a working Univention Domain Controller Backup!!!

Hallo Adial,
you are welcome :slight_smile:


Anna Takang