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Hi I’m interesting to egroupware app, can I install
egroupware,oxsuite Community Edition (no costs)from AppCenter?


Hello @andreaussi

you can install both apps from the App Center. The costs always depend on what you want to do, what features you need and what size your environment is. You can get commercial support for both solutions.

According to the respective app information in the app catalog:

  • EGroupware comes with a free trial. If you would to know more, please contact EGroupware directly.
  • OX App Suite allows free commercial use, whereas some functions or services are liable to costs.

For OX Suite it furthermore says that

OX App Suite is published under GPLv2 (Backend) and Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Generic License (Frontend) and thus can be used without license fees. For productive use, a fee-based license with maintenance and support is recommended. In addition to OX App Suite, the OX App Suite extensions OX Documents and OX Guard are available for download in the Univention App Center.

I hope this helps.

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At the end of the trial you can deinstall the EPL (subscription) part to get a fully functional community version of EGroupware. To do so go to EGroupware’s setup ( log in with the user “admin” and the password in /etc/egroupware-admin.secret on your system. Click on Manage Applications and then check the delete checkbox behind the EPL functions and submit the page.

We plan to make that a little easier with our upcomming new release.

Your always welcome to give us a call and chat with us about the benefits of the subscription version or any other questions you may have.